Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Pick up an ebook you won't be able to put downBy Mary Josephine HIGGINS.
Library of Congress

There came to Columbia a young Son of Erin;
He was brave, he was noble, and like him how few!
In Columbia's ranks he is now a young soldier,
To fight for the Union, I know, he'll prove true;
His home and his parents are all left behind him,
He's gone to the battle, a patriot true;
May Heaven protect him, when wildly war wages,
To stand by the Banner of Red, White and Blue!

How sad 'tis to part from those we love dearly!
Joseph, dear brother, farewell now to thee!
Remember the day we left our own Country,
Erin, dear Erin, Acushla Machree!
Oh! may you return with victory-crowned laurel,
A brave Irish Soldier, like your forefathers true!
They fought 'neath the Shamrock, the Emblem of Erin;
Do you do the same 'neath the Red, White and Blue.

Farewell! my dear brother, may Heaven protect thee,
Far from thy Country, thy kindred and all!
I know you are true to the Land you came to;
You'll conquer for Freedom, or gloriously fall!
Then go, my dear Joseph, tho' sadly we'll miss thee,
And often will think of thy last fond Adieu.
Oh! may you return to me, my dear brother,
When conquered the Foe of the Red, White and Blue!

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