Monday, November 4, 2013

Of an Orchard.

By Katharine Tynan Hinkson (1861–1931)
GOOD is an Orchard, the Saint saith,
To meditate on life and death,
With a cool well, a hive of bees,
A hermit’s grot below the trees.
Good is an Orchard: very good,        5
Though one should wear no monkish hood;
Right good when Spring awakes her flute,
And good in yellowing time of fruit:
Very good in the grass to lie
And see the network ’gainst the sky,        10
A living lace of blue and green
And boughs that let the gold between.
The bees are types of souls that dwell
With honey in a quiet cell;
The ripe fruit figures goldenly        15
The soul’s perfection in God’s eye.
Prayer and praise in a country home
Honey and fruit: a man might come
Fed on such meats to walk abroad
And in his Orchard talk with God.        20
Use this to write all your poetry!

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